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Custom Form Validation in React with Redux Middleware

Redux provides a clean architecture for state management. So why do we continue to muddy our components with complex validation logic? Instead, let's leverage Redux, with the help of some custom middleware!

API Middleware for Redux

How to implement async action creators in Redux

Better Queries, Less Code - How to Use COALESE, IFNULL and NULLIF

SQL's ugly, but it just wants to give you what you need. Which is a lot more than you can say for n+1s and iterating over query results to weed out junk. Here's a couple handy queries to skip all that.

DIY Google reCAPTCHA with Ruby

In this post, we'll implement Google's reCAPTCHA protocol using the Google reCAPTCHA 2 client-side library and our very own hand-rolled verification client.

Fast EC2 Deployment with Ruby Threads

Use Ruby Thread to speed up the deployment of our distribution infrastructure, while ensuring proper exit codes for build pass/fail tracking in Jenkins.

Authenticating Phoenix and React with JWT and React Router 4

How to authenticate your Phoenix API + React/Redux front-end with the help of Guardian + JWT, the Elixir Comeonin library and React Router v4.

Building Lists in Elixir with Reduce

How to build lists using the Enum module's reduce/3 function

Intro to Enumerables and Streams in Elixir

In the first part of this three part blog series we'll discuss what an Enumerable is and look into Elixir's Enum module.